bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: Bullet PointsSkyler is seriously working OVERTIME trying to craft every corner of her and Walt’s cover story. This week, she scripts out a dinner-party conversation for a trip to Hank and Marie’s house. Once there, she and Walt deliver the entire story of Walt’s descent into lucrative card-counting. While there, however, Hank tells Walt and Junior about this case he’s working on, and — via a perfectly horrifying karaoke video — introduces Walt to his murder victim/meth cooker, Gale. Even after learning that Hank has Gale pegged for Heisenberg, Walt freaks out about getting caught and just the general **** direction this whole meth-dealing idea has become.

Walt finds Jesse at his sad den of sadness and tries to scare him into the idea that he might have left fingerprints or something at Gale’s house. But the nihilism is strong in Jesse — stronger still later, when Mike clears Jesse’s house of the army of meth-heads, them presents the bound-and-gagged lowlife who stole Jesse’s giant bag of cash. Jesse didn’t seem to care when he first noticed the money missing, and he isn’t about to give Mike the satisfaction of caring that Mike intends to commit murder in his living room. He’s barely living as it is.

The upshot of this is that Mike goes to Gus — who is having his old problems with cartel retaliation — and convinces him that Jesse’s “uncareful” behavior is becoming a liability far beyond how much it would piss off Walter if they got rid of him. And by episode’s end, Walt goes looking for Jesse at his home, but he’s gone. He’s being driven out to the desert by Mike. And it doesn’t look good.

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