bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: Crawl SpaceIn Mexico, Jesse speeds Gus and Mike’s ailing selves to Gus’s personal pop-up ER, where Gus’s life is saved by priority, and Mike’s life is saved some time thereafter. Gus and Jesse then have to trek six miles back to Texas. Gus tells Jesse he’s ready to cook solo, while Jesse tells Gus that he can’t allow for Walt’s murder. Just let Walt leave the organization. Gus is dubious this will work. And indeed, after a trip to inform Tio Hector that everyone he once knew is now dead, Gus must deal with the increasingly unstable problem of Walt.

Because Walt has not been able to do much to dissuade Hank from his continues surveillance of Gus’s various properties. In fact, Hank has discovered Gus’s connection to the laundromat (a.k.a. America’s Meth Kitchen) and wants Walt to drive him there. Walt panics and turns the Aztek into traffic in order to keep this particular rendezvous from happening. But even this doesn’t deter Hank, who has made arrangements for a handicap-accessible car so he’ll be able to continue the investigation without bothering Walt.

So when Walt finds out that someone’s been cooking in the lab while he’s been laid up with car-crash injuries, Walt goes directly to Jesse and basically begs him to convince Gus not to kill him. Jesse — who has already made this request, as we know — tells Walt to go **** himself, on account of how much of a jerk he’s being. After Jesse returns to his home, Tyrus and Gus’s goons taze Walt and drag him to the desert, where Gus advances his proposal: Walt is fired. He will have no further contact with Jesse. He’s out. Never one to leave well enough alone, Walt sneers that Gus can’t kill him, because Jesse has obviously refused to cook if Walt is offed. Gus is like, a) that can change over time, and b) oh by the way, I’m going to murder your brother-in-law, and if you try to stop me, I will kill your wife, your son, and your infant daughter.

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