bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: Divide And ConquerI’m once again just in for the recaplet, but I can tell you that both Joe R and I were very worried going in that this show had both the story motivation and the stones to kill Jesse off, and we apparently are not the only ones, as Walt is in such a frenzy at the beginning of the episode it looks like he’s playing Grand Theft Auto in his Aztek and doing either a terrible or a wonderful job at it, depending on your point of view. He also instructs Saul to make sure Skyler gets all his money if he should, say, die in the next twenty-four hours, so apparently he’s once again willing to lay down his life for Jesse, which is certainly the best thing left about Walt in my opinion.

He goes stalking into El Pollo Knockoffo with that gun he bought a couple weeks ago and demands to see Gus, but only receives a phone call from Mike and Jesse, who are still in the car. Mike silkily assures Walt that nothing is wrong, but while Jesse drops the devil-may-care attitude and starts worrying about his own well-being at what seems like the eleventh hour, Mike zigs just when you thought he was going to zag, as out in the middle of nowhere, he digs up a bag of money from a secret location and tells Jesse they have several similar stops to make. He doesn’t reveal exactly why Jesse is along for the ride, only saying it wasn’t his call, and I would discuss the hilarious ensuing montage in which Jesse acts like a child with ADD to the point where Mike literally has to pull the car over like the stern parent he is, but I’m too happy that Mike didn’t take Jesse out back that I don’t care about much else. While waiting for Mike at the last pickup, though, Jesse notices an armed thug striding purposefully toward the car and takes action to save the stash – except this development was all an elaborate ruse set up by Gus to make Jesse feel, essentially, like he’s worth something on his own and as such doesn’t need Walt. Nice to know that Gus is back to playing the deep games instead of, you know, the ones involving box cutters.

For his part, Walt is still panicked and barges into the back of El Pollo Knockoffo only to find that Gus has vanished (I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a series of secret exits in the place that only he knows about), so Walt has little choice but to cook on his own and sit with a haunted look as he and Skyler officially purchase the car wash, and then Skyler tells him she needs there to be no more secrets between them from now on, which could be the funniest thing ever said on this show. Also, fueled by Skyler listening to Walt’s panicked message from earlier, he and Skyler Do It for, presumably, the first time since Season Two. Of course, though, Walt can never be happy with anything that happens to him no matter how much he thought he wanted it, as apparently, his readmission to their marital bed only causes those immortal words “I ****ed Ted” to start ringing in his ears, and when Skyler invites him to move back in, he looks at her like she just farted right in his face. Then at dinner over at Hank and Marie’s, Walt, stewing as only he can, gets hammered enough to slur to Hank that Gale wasn’t so great – he probably just copied someone else’s work! The real Heisenberg is likely still out there! Skyler, unsurprisingly, looks like she might commit murder/suicide during this speech, and probably actually will when she finds out that it made Hank take one more look at the Heisenberg case – and link Gale suspiciously to El Pollo Knockoffo. This is one of those episodes where it seems like nothing happened, and then you realize kind of everything did.

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