bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: Fifty OneIt’s Walt’s birthday, and he’s celebrating by going car shopping for a pair of giant erect penises (one for him, one for Junior) and bullying Skyler into doing something for his birthday. Skyler fights back in her own way, first by merely inviting Hank and Marie over for birthday dinner and then by excusing herself from the dinner conversation to throw herself into the bottom of the pool. The fallout from this is that Marie and Hank offer to take the kids for a week or two, while Walt and Skyler get their **** together — which it turns out was exactly what Skyler was angling for, to get the kids out of the danger zone of Walt’s general vicinity. This leads to a hellacious argument between Walt and Skyler, where Skyler finds her voice and spins her wheels imagining ways she could keep Walt from influencing their kids. Ultimately, at a loss, she tells him she’s going to wait for his cancer to come back and take him out for her.

Meanwhile, Lydia continues to crack under D.E.A. pressure. When her distribution/warehouse guy gets picked up by the Feds, Mike sends Jesse to pick up the methylamine. While there, Lydia spots a D.E.A. tracker attached to the barrel and freaks out. When Jesse brings the news back to Mike and Walt that their methylamine connection is now compromised, Mike figures out that Lydia planted the tracker herself, to give herself a good reason to bow out of the business. Jesse and Mike argue over whether he’s got to kill her now (Mike takes the pro argument), but Walt lays down the law: the methylamine connection stays open, no matter who Mike has to not kill.

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