bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: HermanosGus is brought in to talk to Hank, Perd, and the D.E.A., and when he delivers a plausible-sounding reason for his fingerprints to have been in Gale’s apartment — Gus’s story of Gale being the recipient of chemistry scholarship Gus set up is so plausible as to likely be true — everybody but Hank believes him. Hank in particular is interested in the fact that Gus’s records in Chile before he came to Mexico are completely unavailable.

But with alarm bells going off in Gus’s head, Hank decides to continue the investigation as a lone wolf. He takes Walt on an unexpected trip to Pollos Hermanos, where he asks Walt to plant a tracking device on Gus’s car. Walt ****s a brick, obviously, but when he wanders into the restaurant, not only does he get the shock of a lifetime when Gus meets him at the register, but Gus also tells him to go ahead and plant the device.

So now Walt is freaking out, and he goes to the place he normally goes to freak out: Jesse’s house. Walt’s (rather dubious) idea is that Jesse needs to kill Gus NOW, but Jesse’s still holding back about his recent opportunity to do just that. Jesse would much rather have Hank and Gus take care of each other, but Walt reminds him that if Hank takes Gus down, it’ll lead him right to them. So Jesse once again agrees to kill Gus, should he ever get the chance again, which he probably won’t, because he certainly has not seen Gus since the diner, nosirree. Only when Jesse leaves the room, Walt checks a text message on Jesse’s phone and sees it’s from Mike, rescheduling the meeting they have with “The Boss.” Lord knows where Walt’s paranoia is going to take him from here.

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