bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: MadrigalIt doesn’t take much convincing for Walt to get Jesse onboard with starting the business up again. He realizes he also needs Mike for the distribution/security arm of this new business, but despite a rather contrite Walt and Jesse asking him nicely (and offering to make him an ownership partner), he turns them down.

Meanwhile, the Gus Fring fallout is reaching far and wide, all the way up the chain to Pollos Hermanos corporate parent Madrigal (we see one of the Madrigal executives commit suicide rather than answer drug-enforcement questions). Back in the states, this translates to the DEA hauling in all the Pollos-connected people they can for questioning. Enter Lydia, a heretofore unseen member of Gus’s power structure who sits on the Madrigal board, who approaches Mike scared to **** that a chain of eleven men whose snitching could bring the whole house of cards down. She wants Mike to take them out, but he tells her, in no uncertain terms, that they’re his people, and they’ve been chosen because they won’t snitch. Of course, the heat’s really getting turned up — Hank and Gomie haul Mike in for questioning, and despite his stone fa�ade, they really rock him with news that they found out about the offshore account Gus kept in Mike’s granddaughter’s name. He then finds that Lydia has begun the process of taking out the eleven herself, which means Mike has to go kill HER, which he almost does. But in her frantic concern for her daughter, Mike sees his own desire to protect little Kaylee, so instead he decides to strike up a deal — with her, but more importantly with Walt — to re-start the flow of meth through the Albuquerque streets.

Oh, and Skyler White seems pretty depressed, barely getting out of bed and not speaking a word to Walt. Which makes it all the more terrifying when Walt ends the day in bed with her, willfully ignoring her despair and instead kissing up on her and caressing her and … I don’t even want to think about it, you guys.

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