bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: Open House, Remove SpoonWalt notices that security cameras have been installed in the lab, and, already in a terrible mood from the shiner Mike gave him, flips them — and whoever’s watching their feed — the bird. I can only imagine, then, what he’d do if he knew New Victor was staking him out when he’s out of the lab. Skyler comes to bother Walt about the car wash, but gets freaked out when she sees his eye and tries to get him to go to the police, an idea he hates more than the punch that caused her to suggest it. He tells her a typically lie-ridden version of what happened, but the kernel of truth inside is that he views the ass-kicking he took as a positive thing, as he wisely seems to have backed off the idea of trying to kill Gus (for now).

Hank is watching porn when Marie arrives home, and, possibly because she interrupted him getting his rocks (or is that minerals?) off, he responds to all the nice shopping she did for him with more nasty attitude. Understandably looking for some way to blow off steam, Marie goes to an open house and drinks white wine while spinning yarns about being divorced and having a son she’s going to home-school and NASA and hand modeling and all sorts of amusing stuff. However, her old habit soon rears its ugly head as she steals a commemorative spoon (don’t ask) right off the wall. The broker on watch tracks her down and, after a scuffle outside another house, rips her bag open and exposes more evidence of her thievery; when she calls Hank, he’s hella pissed at first, but calms down enough to help the situation, regardless, when faced with the prospect of returning home, Marie COMPLETELY breaks down. Sniff.

Jesse, still apparently having issues with being alone, adorably invites Walt to go ride go-carts with him, but even though Walt turns him down, the bond between them is in one of its waxing phases. And Walt wasn’t blowing Jesse off — it’s just that he has a meeting with Saul, who tries to pitch him and Skyler on a nail salon as a money-laundering option [Note: Too bad Jesse didn’t take it before! He would have friends and nice feet. — RS]. Skyler, however, suggests they figure out a way to gain an “attitude adjustment” from Bogdan, and anyone who read the look on her face when she left their meeting last week as “This is NOT over” was absolutely right. Meanwhile, Jesse doesn’t let Walt’s other plans get in the way of a little primal scream therapy at the go-cart track; then, when he returns home, instead of the Kids of last week he finds something more like Fight Club happening, although the first rule does at least seem to be not to break the stereo equipment. For her part, Skyler comes up with the idea of falsely convincing Bogdan that the water on his property is contaminated due to his filtration system, which would cost around two hundred grand to replace. Not only does her ruse work, but Skyler manages to get the place for eight hundred grand even, seventy-nine thousand less than she offered last week. Screw Walt — she’s going to be bringing home the real bacon soon.

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