bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: Problem DogWalt continues to act out against things like responsibility and good sense this week, starting with exploding the new Challenger rather than sending it back to the lot. But Walt’s true focus this week is getting someone to assassinate Gus for him. And since Saul is too afraid of Mike to try and find an assassin among his pool of Mike-connected hitmen, Walt decides to manipulate Jesse into using his newfound access to Gus to their mutual advantage. He cooks up some ricin for Jesse to use on Gus at his next opportunity, which comes when Mike brings him along for that cartel summit that was mentioned last week. Jesse has an opportunity to dose Gus’s coffee, but when Mike entrusts him with a gun and some responsibility, Jesse keeps the ricin in his cigarette pack. Where it will totally not come into play later this season at all.

Later, Jesse goes back to group therapy, where he admits to killing Gale (though he talks about it in the guise of the titular “problem dog”). But he flips out and storms off when the no-self-judgment edict becomes too much to bear.

Meanwhile, Hank and Junior grab lunch at Pollos, where they’re greeted by Gus, who offers Junior future employment and Hank a free drink. Hank secretly pockets the Pollos cup Gus hands him as evidence. Later, Hank goes to visit Gomez, as he takes the Gale case to the DEA. As he explains, he’s worked the number that Gale wrote on the Pollos wrapper to an air filtration system, which got shipped to Gale. Hank tracked down a corporate connection between the air filtration system and Pollos and ultimately points the finger at one Gustavo Fring. Gomez thinks he’s reaching. BUT! Hank used that Pollos beverage cup to get Gus’s fingerprints…which he then found in Gale’s apartment. Big Gulp.

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