bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: Say My NameWalt’s “everybody wins” plan is basically to make a distribution deal with Declan, which Walt does in the most cock-shovingly way possible, outing himself as both Heisenberg and Gus Fring’s killer to the criminal world at large. After unsuccessfully browbeating Jesse to not quit the business, Walt settles in to life with Landry the Doof as his assistant.

Meanwhile, Mike is out, and I mean OUT. Dumps his guns, squares away new safety deposit box accounts for the nine inmates (plus one for sweet Kaylee), rids his house of any incriminating material, and begins life as a boring old man. Just in time, too, since the D.E.A. comes banging down his door with a search warrant. They find nothing, and Hank ends up getting upbraided by Washington for taking too much of an interest in the case. Still, Hank has one more Hail Mary pass, getting Gomez to tail the lawyer Mike used to set up the safety deposit accounts. They hit paydirt, and the lawyer rolls over on Mike.

This news is overheard by Walt in a WILDLY convenient development that takes this whole episode down a notch, I’m afraid. So Walt tips off Mike that the Feds are coming for him, and arrangements are made for Walt to bring Mike his go-bag so he can disappear. But at the hand-off, Walt demands the names of the nine guys (as their payoff accounts have once again been seized, they’re all incentivized to rat). Mike stonewalls him and basically unloads on him for ruining the good thing they had going with Fring. He storms off, but Walt chases after him and shoots him in the gut in a hasty and ill-conceived development that’s as satisfyingly messy as that eavesdropping scene was frustratingly contrived. Mike escapes in his car and then into some brush, but he’s not the Terminator. He doesn’t get far. Walt finds him and, after sheepishly realizing he could have gotten the names from Lydia all along, begins to apologize, but Mike shuts him up. He wants to die in peace. And do he does. Farewell, craggy prince.

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