bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: The One Who KnocksIf you thought this would be the week that Walt begins walking back the damage he did with his little drunken proclamation to Hank last week, you should probably think for a little while longer about what kind of a person Walter White is. This episode slathers on the reminders that Walt is a petty, egotistical, short-tempered man who is not nearly as smart as he believes himself to be. So we get an ordinary argument with Skyler where he pretty much tells her that he IS the meth business in New Mexico, and he’s a killer who should be feared. Skyler naturally freaks out, takes a road trip to Four Corners, flips a coin, seemingly to let fate decide where she should go from here, but ultimately she decides to nudge fate along so she’ll stay exactly where she is.

We also get Walt acting like a pissy **** with (an equally pissy) Bogdon, though he seems to pick up on Bogdon’s taunts about Walt not being management material. Walt’s attempts to “manage” Jesse are ultimately felled by Walt’s chronic inability to not be a complete ******* on an interpersonal level. See, he’s actually figured out that the robbery plot last week was devised by Gus and Mike in order to bring Jesse into their fold and undermine Walt. But since Walt phrases this all as, “It’s all about me!” Jesse rightly calls him an ******* and goes back to hanging out with Mike, who is still terse and gruff but also kind of a little nurturing to our boy. (Meanwhile, Walt is left back at the lab and needs to bribe the laundry gals with mucho dinero to clean the equipment for him.)

Is Walt also a terrible father and husband? You bet! He knows Junior is determined to side with Dad any time he and Skyler are fighting (like now), and yet he still feels the need to buy Junior’s love with a car. Junior, to his credit, is wise to it, so he decides to lean on his dad’s guilt and go for the brass ring: a brand new sports car. Of course, when Skyler gets him, she and Walt argue about how the car runs absolutely counter to the cover story and will obviously have to go back. Walt, the complete and total heel, is all, “I’m worried that Junior’s going to blame you for this.” And she’s like, “Oh obviously, jackass.”

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