breaking bad final season poster 'Breaking Bad' Season 5 on Netflix: 8 reasons you need to catch up

In just nine short days, the first of the final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad” premieres on Netflix. During those eight episodes, the fate of Walter White will be revealed and the journey of a man who broke bad will finally come to an end. If you’re not excited by that, you should be.

Despite the fact “Breaking Bad” has been critically and popularly acclaimed through its first four and a half seasons, there are sure to be plenty of people who haven’t yet been bit by the “Breaking Bad” bug. Maybe you don’t have AMC, or maybe you didn’t have free time, or maybe you just didn’t quite see what the big deal was.

Whatever your reasoning, you’ve officially run out of excuses. Netflix just added the first eight episodes of Season 5 to its streaming queue, which means the entirety of “Breaking Bad” up until this point is at your disposal. Like the final seasons of “Lost” and “The Sopranos,” the two months that “Breaking Bad” Season 5b are on the air are going to be a event television. There literally is no better time to catch up on the show than today. Still don’t believe us? Here are eight reasons why:

1. Walter White’s journey was mapped out from the beginning. Unlike many other shows, creator Vince Gilligan knew the journey he wanted Bryan Cranston‘s Walter White to walk from the get-go. What’s so redeeming about “Breaking Bad” is the sense that its ending was inevitable, even if you didn’t realize it in the first few seasons.

2. The pilot will get you hooked. If you’re on the fence about “Breaking Bad” and are worried about investing around two full days in catching up on this show, just watch the pilot. It’s one of the best we’ve seen in recent years, and will likely get you hooked just like it did us.

3. The cast is fantastic. There’s a reason Cranston and Aaron Paul have won Emmys year after year for this show. They’re both at the top of their games here, which explains why they’re in such high demand elsewhere in Hollywood. But they aren’t the only MVPs of the show, with everyone from RJ Mitte to Giancarlo Esposito giving incredible performances.

4. You haven’t seen anything like it. It’s not rare for an antihero to be a main protagonist on a show, but it is rare for a show to turn its leading man into its leading villain. Walter White is definitely not a character you want to cheer for in Season 5, and that’s part of what makes his journey so riveting.

5. There’s still plenty of time to catch up. Sure, catching up on 54 episodes in one week sounds like a lot, but it’s totally manageable. Take advantage of the next two weekends and you’ll be totally fine.

6. It’s a show that should be watched from the beginning. While it’s obviously advised to watch every television series from the beginning, there are some shows where you can cheat and jump in part way through. Not so with “Breaking Bad.” To truly understand the journey of these characters, the show should be watched from the beginning. That way Jesse’s angst and Hank’s discovery of W.W. are all the more impactful.

7. You won’t be able to go on social media if you don’t catch up. Everyone is going to be talking about these last eight episodes, especially the finale. If you do go on social media and get something spoiled, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

8. It’s going to be a conversation you want to get involved in. Should Walter White die? Should he live? Will “Breaking Bad” be a bust if Heisenberg isn’t brought to justice? The series finale of “Breaking Bad” is sure to get a lot of people talking, and it’s something that you’ll likely regret not being a part of.

“Breaking Bad” Season 5b premieres on AMC on Aug. 11. The series finale, “Felina,” airs Sept. 29. Watch “Breaking Bad” on Netflix here.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz