breaking bad cinespia aaron paul bryan cranston vince gilligan 'Breaking Bad' series finale event: Huell's fate, Walt's alternate ending and more fun facts

To celebrate the series finale of “Breaking Bad,” star Aaron Paul organized an epic screening event in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Forever Cemetery that allowed hundreds of fans to gather with the show’s stars and view “Felina” together. The event raised more than $2.2 million, $1.8 million of which went to Paul’s wife Lauren Paul‘s charity Kind Campaign.

But beyond just being an event with a good cause, the finale viewing party allowed “Breaking Bad’s” cast to really say goodbye to their fans. Following a screening of both the show’s pilot and final episode, stars Paul, Bryan Cranston, RJ Mitte, Bob Odenkirk, Giancarlo Esposito and Jonathan Banks and series creator Vince Gilligan gathered for a Q&A hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and talked about their experiences on the show.

Zap2it was in the audience at the Cinespia-hosted event, and picked out some of the most interesting snippets of the cast member Q&A to share. Among the topics discussed where Huell’s whereabouts and the Saul Goodman spinoff. Check out our favorite moments below:

Walter White almost was the only one left alive in the finale. Gilligan said that the ending of “Breaking Bad” was never set in stone, and at one point he and the writers contemplated having Walt be the only one who lived, while everyone else died. They obviously ended up going with a very different ending.

The Saul Goodman spinoff will only “most likely” be a prequel. At least, that’s how Gilligan phrased it. The show’s already been announced as being set before the events of “Breaking Bad,” but maybe they’re still kicking around other ideas (after all, Saul is still alive). Or maybe Gilligan just misspoke.

Jonathan Banks doesn’t want to deal with people who didn’t like “Breaking Bad’s” finale. “If anyone b****es or moans about the way this show ended, come see me,” he said in his best Mike Ehrmantraut impression.

The Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz conversation in the kitchen in “Felina” was mostly improvised. One of the funniest yet most tense moments in the finale was when Walt infiltrated the home of Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz while they were having a mindless conversation about things like the quality of a wine they were about to drink. According to Gilligan, he only wrote about a third of what they should talk about, and actors Jessica Hecht and Adam Godley took it from there.

The character Mike was created because Bob Odenkirk was busy with “How I Met Your Mother.” Apparently Saul was originally supposed to find Jane dead in “Breaking Bad” Season 2, but Odenkirk wasn’t available to come shoot. That’s when the writers realized Saul would have some other men to do the dirty work for him, and thus the character of Mike was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

It took Marius Stan 30 minutes to be convinced to let Bryan Cranston say his eyebrow insult in the “Breaking Bad” pilot. Stan was one of many former “Breaking Bad” cast members who took to the stage at the end of the Q&A, and he admitted to Kimmel he wasn’t initially on board with Walt’s “f*** you and your eyebrows” line in the show’s pilot. He said the only one who can make fun of his eyebrows now is Cranston.

What did Uncle Jack do with Walt’s money? Audiences will never find out where Uncle Jack moved Walt’s money, but Esposito was desperate to know. He asked Michael Bowen (the actor who plays Jack), who quipped that all the Nazis went on a trip to Belize. Fun fact: the cast said that country of Belize invited them all to come visit after it was brought up on the show.

Huell is still in that hotel room. Kimmel finally asked Gilligan the question most “Breaking Bad” fans have been wondering: what happened to Huell after Hank and Gomez left him in the hotel room? Gilligan answered that no one called Saul’s lackey, which means Huell is still there — though somehow that seems a bit unlikely. Still, it makes this joke sitcom one step closer to being a reality.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz