Even when he’s giving good advice, Walter White can manage to be less than honest with himself.

In this exclusive first look at Sunday’s (Sept. 4) “Breaking Bad” episode, “Hermanos,” Walt (Bryan Cranston) is in for his regular cancer scan when he meets a nervous, more recently diagnosed fellow patient. The guy tells a sob story about how the cancer has altered his life’s plans, and Walt scoffs.

“Never give up control. Live life on your own terms,” he says. “… One of these times — hell, maybe even today — I’m going to hear some bad news. But until then, who’s in charge? Me. That’s how I live my life.”

As far as the other patient knows, that’s a pretty good pep talk. But we know that Walt’s world has been spinning out of control for most of this season, so his words come across more as an attempt to convince himself of what he says than to cheer up another person. It’s a great scene, with the usual excellent work from Cranston.

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Posted by:Rick Porter