breaking bad animated 'Breaking Bad': Watch a Season 5 trailer ... just not the real oneWe have yet to get any real indication about where Season 5 of “Breaking Bad” will take us.

We’re pretty sure, though, that it won’t involve the ghost of Gus Fring making supernatural meth that turns people into zombies, killing Walter White with a falling Los Pollos Hermanos ATM and Jesse and Walt Jr. seeking heavily armed revenge while Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom (Coming Home)” plays on the soundtrack.

All that happens, though, in a bonkers animated trailer from Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese web outfit known mostly for re-imagining celebrity slip-ups. At least we think that’s what happens after Mike — we think that’s Mike, anyway — slits the throat of a guy in a chicken suit (reminiscent of Gus in “Box Cutter” last season) to resurrect Gus from the dead (with face intact, incidentally).

We’ve come to expect just about anything from Vince Gilligan and the “Breaking Bad” writers, but we think the people at NMA may have conflated “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead,” then added about 45 levels of crazy, to realize their vision of the coming season.

The real “Breaking Bad” premieres in the summer on AMC. For now, you can watch this:

Posted by:Rick Porter