aaron paul june 2011 'Breaking Bad's' Aaron Paul sees light in dark 'Right Angle'Aaron Paul‘s “day job” on Emmy-winning drama “Breaking Bad” finds him in relentlessly intense mode as drug dealer/occasional junkie Jesse Pinkman, so you might think he’d want to spend his series hiatus working on a project that involved unicorns and puppies. Not so much, though.

Just before starting the current season of his AMC series, Paul wrapped an independent film (currently called “Right Angle”) in which he plays a quadriplegic: Adam Niskar, a hotshot Detroit mortgage broker who dove into a lake during a drunken party and shattered his spine.

“I know it sounds really intense and dark, but I went to Detroit a couple of weeks before we started shooting to shadow Adam and what an inspiring, amazing human being he is,” Paul tells Zap2it. Paul got a quick dose of that on the very first day, when he showed up at Niskar’s office and Niskar punked him by pretending at first to be too busy to meet with him.

“Watching his day-to-day struggle was something I wouldn’t even imagine. His day starts at 4 in the morning, because it takes him an average of four to five hours to get ready for work every single day. It’s crazy to watch, but it’s part of his everyday life. When it first happened to him, he was totally in denial, thinking, ‘No way is this my life,’ but he has overcome that. He and his beautiful now-wife, Lisa, have a beautiful baby girl. I was so happy and privileged to be able to play that.”

Posted by:John Crook