breaking dawn sex scene smaller 'Breaking Dawn' leak hackers: Robert Pattinson really, really hates youPresumably, the people who went to all the trouble of leaking the revealing stills from “Breaking Dawn” were “Twilight” fans… so this has got to be a little bit of a blow to their ego.

While promoting his newest film, “Water for Elephants,” in an MTV interview, Twi-hard deity Robert Pattinson tore into the hackers.

“I was going to bring it up,” he says. “It seemed like MTV was the right place to do it. I want the Twilight troops to mobilize, all the good fans, and like, find out who these little sh**s are and just hack into their computers and destroy them… and find out who hacked into my email address, too, and destroy them.”

Pattinson says that he believes there’s a small sector of the “Twilight” fandom that’s ruining it for the rest of them. “I think there’s this little ring, like this little clique, and they keep it all to themselves. They’re disgusting.

“They’re just ruining it for themselves. Why do this maliciously? You’re not a fan. You’re just a dick. There’s nothing else to it. I’d understand it more if they sold the stuff, but it’s like oh, you just want to be annoying. Okay. It’s an exciting movie and everything’s so different… and it’s raw footage. It’s not even what people are going to see. It’s like… idiots.”

The photos leaked were mostly from a sex scene. One shot had Edward (Pattinson) with his arms braced above Bella (Kristen Stewart) on a window sill, another showed her straddling him as he tore her shirt off. There was also a shot of the famous, bloody vampire birth scene, and some images of Bella after she “turns.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie