breaking in mullally 'Breaking In': Christian Slater, Megan Mullally on adding girl power to the mixA second season, a second chance.

“Breaking In” returned Mar. 6 with Megan Mullally added to the headcount, stirring up the show with some fiery female energy. The “Will & Grace” star came on board to play Veronica, the new departmental boss at Contra Security, in a move to make the show a little less “boy,” as star, Christian Slater described it. 

For Mullally, it was an opportunity to contribute to the creative development of a character.
“It’s nice to be able to throw out pitches,” the veteran TV star tells Zap2it on the Hollywood set of the show, currently sporting dark red curls for the first time in her life. She admitted to always wanting purple hair, but only now committing to color at a more impulsive state of her life.

“I did a lot more improv in the first four episodes of this show,” says Mullally. “The creators had been going in a certain direction writing the script, and something changed between what they originally wanted and what the network wanted and there was a discrepancy. Eventually, it became the way the creators wanted, but they’d already written those episodes, so I was able to help steer it in the right direction.”

It’s a style of acting, noted Mullally, that didn’t always fly in Hollywood.
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Perched between two strategy boards and a network of computers to be cracked, we also talked to stars Slater and Alphonso McAuley, discussing show business, Season 2 surprises, and the added female presence. After airing seven episodes in its first season, the show was canceled, briefly, before getting offered a second second chance. This time around, Mullally was enlisted, as well as Erin Richards (who fills the part of Molly, Veronica’s assistant) to balance out the room.
Slater arrived to the interview on a bike, fresh off his shoot, and expressed utmost excitement for the renewed prospects. 
“This show has had a very, very interesting history,” said the actor, who plays Oz, a former thief running operations at Contra Security. “For something like this to succeed or continue…It would be a phenomenal laugh on the industry for sort of taking things away before they’ve had a chance to shine or grow or gel.”
Mullally believes audiences will be able to tell a slight difference in her character arc throughout the show due to the shift in the writers’ vision. She tells us no love interest is in her character’s immediate future, though McAuley, who portrays nerdy prankster Cash, suggested his character might drum something up with Molly.
“He might like a little English muffin,” jokes the star.
McAuley adds “I think this season works better because we’re actually dissecting the relationships of the office. Whereas last season, we loved the characters, but never really explored who they were…It was hard to get that out in seven episodes.”
What else can we expect in Season 2? An array of ridiculous costumes for Cash, including (but not limited to) Indiana Jones, Marty McFly, Sho’nuff, and Darth Maul; the return of Alyssa Milano as Oz’ ex-wife; ongoing financial woes for Contra Security; and certainly more physically-inspired comedy.
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