breaking in 'Breaking In' not dead yet, Jane Lynch talks Emmys: News from FOX's press tourNews and notes from FOX’s day at the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday (Aug. 5):

– FOX dropped its comedy “Breaking In” in May, but the show has been clinging to life ever since — and it could still have a shot at returning to FOX.

It’s not an easy shot, but the network’s head of entertainment, Kevin Reilly, says that “Breaking In” could be in the mix when FOX tries out a block of four half-hour comedies on Tuesdays in the spring (when “Glee” would otherwise be in repeats).

“I like ‘Breaking In.’ We all liked ‘Breaking In,'” Reilly says. It fell just outside the bubble (along with several other series) when FOX put together its 2011-12 schedule, “but ultimately we had a very passionate group of producers and actors who wanted to try to keep it going. I think as part of that four-comedy block, it still has a shot.”

Reilly stresses that he hasn’t ordered anything yet, but later in the year he’ll consider it along with a pair of pilots, “Little in Common” and “Family Album.” Producer 20th Century Fox TV has extended its option on the cast and producers.

– The choice of Jane Lynch as host of this year’s Emmys was widely praised, but if there was a caveat to the thumbs-up, it was a worry that the show’s producers would want her to do a lot of bits as her “Glee” character, Sue Sylvester.

Not to worry: “A little bit of Sue Sylvester goes a long way,” Lynch says, saying she’s not really interested in doing more than a small bit in character. “I think we’ll leave her tracksuit on the Paramount lot,” where “Glee” films.

Mark Burnett, who’s executive producing the Emmy telecast, concurs: “The job of the producer is to serve the host in the best way possible,” he says. “… If there’s any nod to sue, it will be very brief.”

– At the upfronts in May, FOX announced it was producing a drama called “Touch” starring “24’s” Kiefer Sutherland. It hasn’t been formally picked up yet, but Reilly makes it sound like it’s headed that way.

“I watched ‘Touch’ last night … that could be an extraordinary show,” he says. He wouldn’t go so far as to confirm a pickup, but he does say that the show, about a man (Sutherland) who realizes his autistic son is predicting events before they happen, has hired a writing staff. “If the pilot was lousy, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but I think the pilot is potentially great.”

Posted by:Rick Porter