breaking in 'Breaking In' still alive? FOX reportedly reconsidering cancellationCome on, FOX. Bring back “Breaking In.” To quote Cash, we’re in like Slytherin.

Tuesday, May 10, FOX canceled all of their bubble shows, including “Lie To Me,” “The Chicago Code,” “Human Target,” “Traffic Light” and “Breaking In.” Talk about a bloodbath.

However, Deadline reports that FOX is now reconsidering “Breaking In’s” cancellation and is in discussions with Sony Pictures TV about possible ways to bring back the show for a second season. No decision will be made until after upfronts next week.

The workplace comedy starring Christian Slater has had an interesting history: It was the network’s highest-testing pilot last season, but FOX ended up passing on it. Sony TV extended the options on the cast, refusing to give up, which lead the network to order additional scripts. FOX picked up the show to series in November.

“Breaking In’s” ratings have been pretty strong, thanks in large part to their lead-in “American Idol.” The show has had the best lead-in retention for a sitcom airing after the reality singing competition in four years. “Breaking In’s” most recent episode brought in 7.65 million viewers.

Do you think FOX should  give “Breaking In” a second chance, Zappers? 

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