Former "Melrose Place" fans are still buzzing about the news of bad girl Sydney's return in the series' upcoming CW spin off, but I'm now hearing there's more reason to celebrate.

Is Michael Mancini (in case you forgot, the scumbag doctor whom Sydney slept with even though he was married to her sister in season one) moving back to Melrose too?

Yep. The CW has officially confirmed to me that Thomas Calabro — most recently seen as Rebecca's dad on "Greek" — will reprise his role as Mr. Kimberly Shaw.

So, with Michael and Sydney back in town, could we realistically fit any more former Melrose residents into the mix?

Obviously, Marcia Cross (Kimberly) and Doug Savant (Matt) are kind of busy with the "Desperate Housewives" gig. And Heather Locklear (Amanda) has passed. But I don't think Daphne Zuniga (Jo) or Andrew Shue (Billy) are tied down to anything. And certainly The CW could allow Kelly Rutherford (Megan Mancini) and/or Rob Estes (Kyle McBride) to take time off from "Gossip Girl"/"90210" for cameo appearances. Josie Bissett (Jane) has already said she's down. And what's Courtney Thorne-Smith (Allison) up to these days? Has that cockroach "According To Jim" been canceled yet? It has, right? 

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh