breaking pointe contracts 'Breaking Pointe' preview: Will Zach or Ian get a contract with Ballet West?

The fight for a permanent spot at Ballet West heats up in Monday’s (August 19) all-new “Breaking Pointe,” as Ballet West II dancers Zachary Prentice and Ian Tanzer compete for the one open male contract. 

Ballet West’s artistic director Adam Sklute must finalize all contracts this week before focusing on the “Cinderella” shows that will go live in two weeks. So not only are the newbies competing for a contract, but all the dancers at Ballet West need to decide on their futures. Whether that means retiring and giving up her promotion like Allison DeBona’s current decision, or Rex Tilton finally gets a promotion — despite his injury — after three years as a demi-soloist doing lead roles, or Joshua Whitehead gets promoted to full corps member after one year as an apprentice, every single dancer is up for review. Plus, an old face returns to Ballet West!

Who will get the contract they want, and who will be reduced to tears? Will Zach or Ian get the contract? And will anyone be let go from Ballet West for good? The outcomes of contract renewal time will definitely surprise you. 

Watch a preview video of Monday’s all-new episode, “Fighting Tooth and Nail,” below:

“Breaking Pointe” airs Monday (August 19) at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum