breaking pointe allison debona 'Breaking Pointe's' Allison DeBona opens up about her big decision to give up dancing ... or love

Ballet dancer Allison DeBona has a big decision to make on Season 2 of “Breaking Pointe,” The CW’s ballet reality show. The demi soloist at Ballet West recently re-started a relationship with her boyfriend before Rex Tilton, Jonathan, but with him comes the decision to give up ballet … or love. 

Zap2it got the chance to dive deep into DeBona’s predicament, as well as chat about her friendship with ex-boyfriend Tilton, Season 2’s production, “Cinderella,” and the shocking casting choices the choreographer will make when it comes to the lead roles.

Zap2it: After your tumultuous relationship with Rex last season, how was it coming back to work with him?

Debona: It was actually fine. At first it was a little hard coming in and having a different relationship at work with Rex. But we had to dance together not long after that so that forced us to be professional. When you walk into the studio you have to be professional no matter what. We were really put to the test and I was really proud of both of us. We remain really close. Him and I are still best friends, though things might be different.

Tell us about the new man in your life, Jonathan.

This man has been in my life since before Rex. We met in college, so we know each other really well. I broke up with him right before Season 1 so that was why I felt like I really couldn’t give Rex a chance. So when Rex and I didn’t work out, we just started talking and it was like we never missed a beat. And that was when the cameras started rolling for Season 2.

But with Jonathan comes a big, important decision that you have to make, right?

He is a radiology resident in Michigan and that’s one of the reasons why we broke up the first time. We didn’t want to date long distance, and it didn’t seem like our lives were going in the same direction. But when John came back in my life he said, ‘I want you here. I want to move on with our relationship. I don’t want to date long distance anymore. I want you to move to Michigan.’ This is a decision that’s going to change my entire future. There is no ballet company there, so am I going to continue my career and give Jonathan up? Or am I going to give up what I’ve been doing my whole life for love and to start a family? It’s a really big decision.

Are we going to see a conclusion to that decision, or will that continue on after the cameras stopped rolling for Season 2?

You’ll see it come to a conclusion. It will all be there on Season 2. You’ll see the struggles, you’ll see the triumphs. It was a really hard time but I just threw myself into my work because when you’re facing thinking it’s going to be your last time on stage you appreciate everything. But you’ll definitely see how my relationship issues end.

Did anyone at Ballet West know about the choice you were struggling with?

My best friends knew about it, Christiana, Rex, my roommate Katie, but that was pretty much it. I tried not to talk about it. [Artistic Director] Adam [Sklute] had no idea. I just didn’t think it was appropriate to talk about it with other people when I didn’t know my own decision yet. So I kept it an internal decision.

So we’re going to see who gets cast as the leads in “Cinderella.” Will we be shocked to see who gets chosen?

Yes, definitely. All five of those women [up for Cinderella] could have played the part. That’s how good everyone at Ballet West is. We are very diverse and beautiful, so it could have been any one of those girls. And then with Rex and Ronnie injured, Rex decided to push through the pain even though he had a major torn arch. It’s so inspiring to see that kind of perseverance, in the women and the men. Plus, it didn’t matter what level you were at the beginning. [Choreographer] Wendy didn’t care about that. You walked in with a blank slate. So I think you’ll be really shocked at some of the casting choices for the women and the men.

“Breaking Pointe” Season 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum