If FOX is worried about the ratings for "Fringe" — which fared okay in its return last night, though lead in "American Idol" definitely pumped its numbers up — Mr. Spock may soon be providing the network with a bit of relief.

Trekkies not already watching "Fringe" will likely rethink that decision come next month when, according to fringetelevision.com, "Star Trek" legend Leonard Nimoy will join the show as William Bell, the founder of Massive Dynamic and Walter's Harvard lab partner from back in the day.

This is a character "Fringe" fans have been hearing about since last fall and the fact is, it's sort of a huge deal, since Bell is expected to recur repeatedly in season two. If the news is true, that would mean Nimoy has signed on for his first long term live action television role in like 40 years or something.

Though FOX has not confirmed the casting, fringetelevision.com reports that several of the show's writers and producers are saying we'll meet Nimoy's Bell in "Fringe"'s May 12th season finale.

The news is not so far fetched given the fact that Nimoy has already collaborated with the show's producers J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman twice this year. Remember, they're the peeps behind this spring's "Star Trek" movie, in which Nimoy will reprise his role as Spock. Well, actually, I think they're calling him "Old Spock" now…

So, psyched about this?

UPDATE: FOX has confirmed to me that Nimoy has indeed been cast as William Bell

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