breaking the faith lds girls lisa 'Breaking the Faith': Worldly education in Salt Lake CityIn Sunday’s (Dec. 8) episode of “Breaking the Faith”, the refugees from the “Crick” had to leave their safe house after one refugee returned home, perhaps putting the rest of them in jeopardy, and fled to Salt Lake City, four hours from St. George. But Salt Lake City isn’t “safe” as far as the FLDS is concerned. In fact, due to the history between the FLDS and the LDS (Mormons,) they’ve been taught that SLC is ground zero for debauchery. So the group is even more nervous. And unlike the last episodes, they’re far enough away from the “God Squad” to be able to venture out into public. 

With the help of Lisa, their host in Salt Lake City, they meet some LDS kids their own age, and they try, haltingly, to discuss their differences. The conversation ended fairly quickly for two of the more conservative girls, Angie and Connie, when the word “cult” was used. While they’ve left that life, the girls are still very protective of it. 

Martha and Valerie, however, are trying to make changes – even if at this point, it’s just looking at “worldly” clothes and talking about wearing them without the long, “protective” FLDS underwear. Baby steps.
We admit, we’re drawn to this series, even if the admitted “staging” feels fake (be sure to read the disclaimer at the beginning of the show.) But the fact remains, no matter when these young adults broke free of the FLDS, they are going to be wrestling with the reality they were taught their whole lives vs. the pull of being free and learning about the world they’ve chosen instead; a world they were blind to before they jumped.
That doesn’t mean that they’re going to put on miniskirts right away (and that’s reassuring.) Each of them have their own levels of comfort and how much or little they want to keep from their pasts. I hope we learn more about them each individually as the weeks go on. 
Some thoughts: 
  • The Warren Jeffs voice-overs during transitions are completely creepy. Yes, they’re supposed to be, but the trance-like quality of his voice makes warning bells go of in my head, and then I immediately wonder how others don’t hear the same thing. 
  • It comes out that Connie really left FLDS because her “boyfriend,” Cody, had left a year prior, and she’s convinced they’re supposed to be together. As one of the girls who is not terribly comfortable with changing, she does have a good deal to say about how much she made out with Cody while back at the Crick. She seems to have chosen this boy more than the “non-Crick” world. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the details of their reunion this time. Next week.
  • The “stares” that the group got during the parade were probably due more to the camera crew than their dresses, don’t you think? 
  • Even disrespectful idiots can wear “protective” long underwear.

  • Note to the two LDS missionaries: you should do some reading up on FLDS.  
What are you thinking of “Breaking the Faith?”
Posted by:Kiley Thompson