bree boyce Bree Boyce: Miss South Carolina's 110 pound weight lossThe Miss America pageant may still be quite a ways off — January 2012, and counting down the days — but we may already have a front runner. And by “may” we mean “definitely.”

Recently crowned Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce appeared on Tuesday’s (July 12) episode of “Good Morning America” to talk about her recent victory and her stunning 110-pound weight loss.

Speaking with host Robin Roberts, the 22-year-old says that it was just the classic combo of exercise and a good diet that helped her drop the weight after her doctor warned her about her health.

“When I was younger, there [was] all the yo-yo diets, the fad diets that everyone wanted to try,” she says. “I originally started on an at Atkins-type diet, cutting out all carbs, but I found quickly that you could lose the weight, but you couldn’t keep it off. We’re only human. We enjoy carbs.”

Boyce also came to the defense of First Lady Michelle Obama, who’s apparently been getting flack for eating at the new DC outpost of burger joint Shake Shack — despite her advocacy for healthy eating.

“She may be First Lady, and she may be promoting ‘Let’s Move,’ but we’re all human,” says Boyce, laughing. “She probably worked it off right after she ate it.”

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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell