brett michaels 4 Bret Michaels released from hospital; 'super cruise' safeRocker Bret Michaels is back home again after undergoing a procedure to close a hole in his heart.

The St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz., released a statement from Michaels’ doctor stating that the Poison frontman and reality TV regular should be able to return to “normal activities” in just a few weeks.

Which will doubtless be a relief to passengers who have signed on for the awesomeness that is November’s upcoming Bret Michaels “Rock Your World Super Cruise.” Fans are exhorted to book cabins now for “the concert experience of a LIFETIME!” Of course we’re just finding out about this now, after both $4,449 grand suites have already been booked. Bummer.

Writes Michaels on the cruise’s official Facebook page:

“I really couldn’t ask for anything better then having the chance to kick back, rock out, and spend some quality time with all my fans.”

Coincidentally, we also like kicking back and rocking out simultaneously. It’s like we’re soul mates.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson