brett favre nfl return Brett Favre on NFL return: 'I don't have any interest'

The green light for a 2011 NFL season means that it’s once again safe to speculate about the professional future of twice-retired quarterback Brett Favre.

After comments from analyst Gil Brandt ignited rumors that Favre’s Jan. 17 retirement would not stick, there’s now talk that he may head to the Miami Dolphins.

A Miami Herald reporter, with an apparently vested interest in the possibility, caught up with Favre near his Mississippi home, TMZ-style.

“I haven’t heard anything, and I don’t have any interest,” Favre said of the Dolphins rumors, before issuing a definitive “No.”

And it appears that he was speaking the truth. The Dolphins signed veteran quarterback Kevin O’Connell on Aug. 5.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell