brett favre nfl return Brett Favre's rumored NFL return: Yea or nay?

There might not even be NFL football for the 2011 season, but that apparently hasn’t stopped people from wondering if recently re-retired quarterback Brett Favre from returning to the game.

The 41-year-old most recently played for the Minnesota Vikings, where he became the epicenter of a media circus for allegedly texting lewd photos to reporter Jenn Sterger. And though he officially retired once again on January 17, analyst Gil Brandt ignited rumors on his Sirius Radio program that it may not be the end.

“I do think Farve would be interested in talking to a team about
returning,” he said during the July 6 broadcast. “But I don’t see a team out there right now that would bring him
back as a starter.”

Given his penchant team-hopping, this isn’t the most outlandish idea — but it does seem odd. And it had fans reacting passionately (both positive and negative) on Twitter all day.

So if there is any merit to this discussion, would you want to see Favre return to the game? Or is he too old and suffering from too soiled a reputation at this point?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell