brian mcknight song getty Brian McKnight's X rated 'adult mixtape' joke backfiresWhile awaiting Achilles tendon surgery for a bum ankle and obviously going a little stir-crazy, singer Brian McKnight thought he’d have a little fun posting a video of himself on Monday (April 23) singing his new “adult mixtape” song, “If You’re Ready to Learn.”

The lyrics go a little something like this: “They talk a real good game/They don’t know what a tongue is for/They wine you and dine you/You let them untie you/And they leave you wanting more.” (You’ll have to click through to the YouTube video to get the real gist of the tune — warning: NSFW.)

He posted it to YouTube and tweeted it out to his nearly 50,000 followers. And then Twitter exploded as critics and fans lost it over what they legitimately thought was the singer’s new direction.

“I was just having some fun and look what happened,” he tweets Tuesday.

“I’m not being defensive it’s just sad to think that one parody could wipe out 25 years of work,” he writes in another post.

“I’ve been home for a month … I’ve got this boot on my foot … I’m having fun because basically I have nothing else else to do,” he tells TMZ.

We’re thinking his next track should be called, “If You’re Ready to Learn How to Take a Joke.”

What do you think of the parody track?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper