brian williams 320 Brian Williams thanks his NBC family after his father's deathBrian Williams has found the term “family” reinforced for him over the past several days, in a number of ways.

Following the death of his father, Gordon, last weekend, the “NBC Nightly News” anchor has felt enormous support from his network colleagues. “What people don’t see is that I come from a very small family at 30 Rock,” Williams tells Zap2it in his first interview since his father’s passing.

“We got home from our family service [Thursday, Aug. 12], and the house was full of food because Ann Curry had filled our house with it,” Williams says. Curry also filled in for Williams throughout the week at the “Nightly News” anchor desk.

“On Monday, the house was also full of food,” Williams adds, “because ‘Nightly News’ had sent a caterer over. I spent an hour opening cards and letters today [Friday], just from co-workers, and I have a whole stack to go through this evening. It is an endless reservoir.

“Most of the staff on ‘Nightly News’ goes back to Tom’s [Brokaw] time. I never changed a thing when I walked in the door. There was no reason to; these were my friends of many years. We’re a very tight bunch, and you really learn the definition of kindness when something bad happens. I will never forget the expressions of condolence that have arrived since this happened.”

Williams also has been consoled by his news-anchor competitors, CBS’ Katie Couric and ABC’s Diane Sawyer, with whom he will unite for the second “Stand Up to Cancer” special on all of their networks and many others Friday, Sept. 10. He says he has told them, and others who have offered sympathy, that reaching age 93 as his dad did is “a great run these days, no matter how you slice it. It’s just the end of an era.”

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Posted by:Jay Bobbin