Zap2it had a fun time with former Miss USA and reality star Shanna Moakler after her interview on the KTLA Morning News. Moakler is the host of E!’s new reality competition series “Bridalplasty,” where brides-to-be battle to receive their wishlist of plastic surgeries and their dream wedding.

“This show, you’re getting it all. The drama, the challenges, the eliminations,” Moakler tells us. “You’re getting the competitiveness, but you’re also getting the docu-style.

“It’s 12 brides living in a house and each week they compete in different bridal challenges, whether it be cake challenges, gown challenges, flower challenges,” Moakler says of the show. “Beforehand they all made a wishlist of any plastic surgeries that they could possibly dream of. So if they win a challenge they get to pick one surgery off their list and get it done. The final bride, the last bride standing, gets everything off their list and a $100,000 wedding.”
So why would these brides want to change themselves before the big day? One would-be bride is former “Biggest Loser” contestant Alexandra White, who lost more than 100 pounds on that show and now has extra skin that she wants removed. Another bride had a mastectomy due to breast cancer and would like to get implants. Moakler tells us, “They all have really relatable stories that I think people are going to kind of shocked at.”
Moakler also addressed some criticism the show is receiving for promoting plastic surgery over a more naturaly approach to brides looking the way they want on their big day.

“There’s some things that no matter how much you diet and exercise, even in your genes — you know if your whole family has saddlebags, sometimes no matter how much you diet and exercise you’re not going to lose those because it’s your genetic makeup,” she explains. “Plastic surgery, obviously you can get those results. We’re not trying to Heidi Montag anybody.”

Speaking of Montag, Zap2it asked Moakler what she thinks of Hollywood’s obsession with plastic surgery. “I think whenever you do anything in excess, whether it’s exercise, whether it’s eating, whether it’s plastic surgery, whether it’s drugs, it’s never a good thing. Obviously that’s to an extreme.” She adds, “These girls came in and we made sure they had realistic approaches to their desires.”
“Bridalplasty” premieres at 9 p.m. ET Sunday (Nov. 28) on E!
In case you missed it, watch Shanna Moakler’s KTLA interview below:

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