‘Ringer’ costume designer Emma Trask says the CW show is great to work on because of Sarah Michelle Gellar playing twins.

“Wardrobe is very crucial in differentiating the two characters,” she says.

One way Trask does that is through color. She does a lot of black and white for Siobhan and more color for Bridget.

“The idea is Bridget gravitating toward certain things in Siobhan’s closet and trying to create her own looks,” she says.

Both characters wear a lot of Marni. Other brands include Prada, Opening Ceremony, Curve, Intermix and Beige. In addition to shopping at Barneys and Neiman Marcus, Trask goes to Beckley and Arcade boutiques in West Hollywood and vintage stores Resurrection and Decades in Los Angeles. She also likes a store that’s more for stylists called styleha�s.

Trask says viewers wishing they had Siobhan’s closet and budget to work with can try consignment stores, outlet versions of designers’ stores, and places such as H&M and Zara where they make copies. She also says it’s a lot easier to go online.

Here are some of Trask’s favorite looks:

tvfash129 Bridget and Siobhan from 'Ringer'

“This coat is actually vintage Dolce & Gabbana, and we cut it down to fit Sarah Michelle. It’s really striking, and we’re doing January in New York, so coats (a lot of Burberry) are very important on the show right now. She wears a lot of Helmut Lang skinny cigarette pants and Charles Jourdan shoes.”

tvfash2129 Bridget and Siobhan from 'Ringer'

“The sweater is Vince, and I don’t know what the necklace is. That’s Bridget in the photo, and the whole thing with her look is that Bridget wouldn’t own a necklace like that, so that’s her mixing high-end and flashier pieces from Siobhan’s closet.”

tvfash3129 Bridget and Siobhan from 'Ringer'

“This jacket is Haider Ackermann, and then she is wearing underneath a Valentino T-shirt with detail on it. The leather pants are probably Vince, and the shoes are Stuart Weitzman. The bag is Burberry.

tvfash4129 Bridget and Siobhan from 'Ringer'

“This dress is Robert Rodriguez. I brought in a lot of dresses, and this is the one Sarah Michelle gravitated toward. It was very chic and easy to wear. It’s sparkly but not too over the top. It’s a little edgy like Bridget.”

tvfash5129 Bridget and Siobhan from 'Ringer'

“The blue leather jacket is Henry Duarte. The whole idea is Bridget would wear a leather jacket, and it’s from Siobhan’s closet, so it’s high-end, and she’s got matching shoes on you can’t see. The scarf is Hermes – there is a lot of Hermes in Siobhan’s closet. Those are Ohne Titel pants. They’ve got piping going down them and are not as comfortable as the Helmut Lang pants, so Sarah Michelle doesn’t wear them as often.”

Posted by:Monique Marcil