On Night Three of the Network Upfronts, we kick things off by talking about the Ghosts of Pasha moment we had this morning.

Then it’s on to CBS’ new fall schedule. Being the No. 1 network, it’s not shaking things up too much, but they do have what looks to be a promising reality show (Kid Nation) and a — dare we say it? — boring vampire series (Midnight). Also on deck is Hugh Jackman’s adapted musical — yes, with real singing and dancing — thriller Viva Laughlin, a drama about a Cuban-American family that runs a sugar cane and rum empire (Cane) and a comedy called The Big Bang Theory from the creator of Two and a Half Men, the bane of Eric’s existence.

The most intriguing pick of the CBS litter may be Swingtown, a midseason drama about 1970s suburban swingers.

Posted by:Brill Bundy