Brillandericwatchtv_upfronts_270x10We kind of admire FOX. If it’s not winning, it changes the rules of the game (apologies to whoever I stole that line from; I honestly can’t remember). Who needs one measley fall schedule, when you can come out with two? Especially since your season doesn’t heat up until January when it’s time for 24 and another round of American Idol.

SO we tackled the final day of Upfronts with 2 podcasts: one each for FOX and The CW.

This fall, FOX bides its time with three new reality shows, a Kelsey Grammer/Patricia Heaton comedy (Back to You), a gritty police drama set in New Orleans (K-Ville) and a drama about an immortal police detective (New Amsterdam) that has a lot more potential than CBS’ vampire show.

In January ’08, though, things really get going. The long-anticipated, Sarah Connor Chronicles is finally making its debut, and Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino gives us a comedy (The Return of Jezebel James) full of our favorite things: Parker Posey, Lauren Ambrose and Max Medina … er … Scott Cohen.

Those — in addition to Rashida Jones getting a show of her own (The Rules for Starting Over) — make us happy enough to look the other way when it comes to Julianna Margulies’ dour court drama, Canterbury’s Law.

Meanwhile, yes, we are sad to see Veronica Mars get the axe. Still, we get the positive impression that for its sophomore season The CW has put some real time and consideration into new programming.

Sure, there’s some pandering-to-youth "informational" programming (CW Now, Online Nation), a couple of cringe-worthy reality concepts (Crowned, Farmer Wants a Wife) and a rather mild-looking family drama (Life is Wild). But  Gossip Girl has the teen girl who lives inside Brill giddy with delight, and Aliens in America  has the hallmarks of a charming comedy that will pair well with Everybody Hates Chris.

What we both can’t wait to see is the Kevin Smith-helmed pilot for Reaped, about a slacker who finds out his parents sold his soul to the devil.

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