ABC wrapped up Summer Press Tour with a Lost announcement, more gushing about Pushing Daisies, Grey’s Anatomy defense and the new shows Cavemen, Women’s Murder Club, Big Shots and Cashmere Mafia.

Things get off to a rocky start when several of the nation’s TV critics get aggressive with ABC’s top exec. Under pressure, he feeds them a tidbit regarding the return of Harold Perrineau to Lost. Critics’ impatience and irritation turn to affection when the net presents the much-anticipated Pushing Daisies. We meet the show’s female lead, Anna Friel, who leaves Eric feeling smitten. Producer Darren Star fails to differentiate between Cashmere Mafia and Sex and the City. Either way, it will take a lot to get us to watch Mafia, Big Shots, Women’s Murder Club or Cavemen ever again. And Private Practice is overshadowed by questions and criticism of Grey’s Anatomy.

Posted by:Brill Bundy