bring it dolls rehearsals 'Bring It!': The Dynamic Diamond Dollz rivalry rekindled in 'Dolls vs Dollz'
On Wednesday’s (Sept. 10th) episode of “Bring It!” , the rivalry between the Dancing Dolls and the Dynamic Diamond Dollz was revived in a big way after an altercation at a previous battle left the Dolls unable to even complete their performance. The suspense this week lay not in whether the girls would be able to execute their choreography crisply and accurately, but whether the hard work in the studio would pay off once they got to Memphis and faced off against their dance nemesis once again. 
Because the girls were also competing in hip hop in Memphis on top of their usual stand battle routines, the quality of their new routine was repeatedly called into question by Ms. Diana and the moms on hand. This was mostly a distraction from the other more important routine and didn’t amount to much in the actual competition. The entire rivalry between the Dancing Dolls and the all-boy crew M-Town Image was incredibly manufactured and read as complete filler. Not even the leaders of the two teams could properly muster any real animosity or snark for the other on competition day. Even so, the hip hop routine was the more professional looking of the two shown and got short shrift in favor of other drama. 
Also mostly manufactured was the fight between Sunjai’s mom and Kayla’s mom in front of the dance studio. Neither made coherent points about why they were upset, but the hair flipping and turns during the conversation were downright runway-worthy. Love your locks ladies, just not so much the faux drama.

The battle that the episode thought to be most important ended up being disappointingly not entertaining and head-scratching when it comes to the results. After all the credit every dancer and parent was giving their opposing crew, the actual stand battle between them was low energy and flat. The Dynamic Diamond Dollz looked like they practiced minimally throughout the week and weren’t as talented as the hype might suggest. The stands that they thought were original and top-notch looked very much like low-key cheerleading moves. 
It also doesn’t help that the camera cut away from their turns about twice as often as it did during the Diamond Dolls’ portions. It’s understandable seeing as the latter team is the focus of the show, but seeing all of both routines would have gone a long way towards the audience being able to deduce if the scoring was actually accurate or if either team had reason to be upset. Calling it a tie was probably a way for the show to draw out the rivalry even further, but the audience wasn’t given a chance to judge for themselves it that is the case or not. 
Both coaches were smart to give their teams a boost in confidence after the competition no matter what the outcome, but knowing if one was doing it when they were actually the losing side means a lot to maintaining the drama of the battle. Anyone can posit that they deserve to win when a tie is called, not many can convincingly say that when they were the less talented team on any given day. Regardless, it was another great competition from the Dancing Dolls, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with whether they win or not.  
Posted by:Whitney McIntosh