bristol bar fight Bristol Palin calls heckler 'homosexual', defends mom in Saddle Ranch bar fightWhat is the world coming to when daughters of one-time vice presidential candidates can’t ride a mechanical bull without hecklers screaming obscenities about said candidate?

In this case we’re talking about one-time “Dancing with the Stars” contender Bristol Palin who took a goodly amount of verbal abuse in lieu of her mom on a recent visit to the Saddle Ranch bar in West Hollywood. But, to be fair, Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter dished out her fair share of barbs, too. Read on.

Palin had just fallen off the mechanical bull when a man started shouting at her.

“Did you ride Levi like that?” he yells. “Your mother’s a whore.”

Luckily cameras and what appears to be professional lighting were on-hand to capture the entire exchange. Palin approaches the man, who IDs himself as a 47-year-old Palin hater.

Your mother’s the f—ing devil, dude,” the man says to Palin. He goes on to call the elder Palin evil and suggest she take up residence in hell.

“Is it because you’re a homosexual?” Bristol asks. “And that’s why you hate her?”

The heckler admits he is in fact gay, but quizzes Palin about why she would call him “homosexual.”

“Because I can tell you are,” she replies. “That’s your big boyfriend right there.”

Things escalate.

“You know what, you don’t look anything like Glen Rice. I thought you would,” the heckler says, making reference to a recent rumor that Palin had an affair with the former NBA player.

“You’re right, I’m half African American,” she replies. “You caught me. You caught me sir.”

Well, she sure told him.

Watch the full exchange below, but be warned — the clip contains tons of NSFW words:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson