This is priceless. In a new public service announcement, Bristol Palin advises teenagers to “pause before you play.” She appears holding her son in a lavishly decorated living room, dressed like a 45-year-old politician. “What if I didn’t come from a famous family?” she asks solemnly. “What if I didn’t have all their support? What if I couldn’t finish my education? What if I didn’t have all these opportunities?”

]]>ET that he’s frustrated by Bristol’s decision to put their son Tripp in the ad, because she wouldn’t let Levi bring the baby in front of cameras. “He’s happy and he’s looking good,” Johnston says of Tripp. Johnston also mentions that he’s seeking joint custody of their son, while Bristol is seeking full custody. “I’d never go full custody. I wouldn’t try and do what she’s doing to me. I wouldn’t want to do that to a mother. It’s just not right, anyway.” Watch Johnston’s response below.
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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie