bristol palin Bristol Palin promises Oprah no more sex before marriage

Sarah Palin‘s unwed mother-daughter Bristol Palin guaranteed InTouch magazine that she would never have sex again before marriage. 
But Oprah Winfrey wonders if such a vow is realistic for a young girl.
“It may be 10 years before you get married. Why set yourself up so that everybody you go out with, you date — the media is going to be looking at that person, trying to get that person to sell you out, to say, ‘Did you have sex or not,'” asked Winfrey.

]]>“It’s a realistic goal for myself,” replied Bristol.

Winfrey then gave her a chance to recant. “I’m going to give you a chance to retract or ease that statement if you wanted to and not say categorically, ‘I’ll never have sex until I’m married.’ But if you want to hold to that, may the powers be with you. So you’re going to hold to that?”
But before Bristol could answer, Sarah Palin piped in, “Does that mean you’re going to marry pretty young?” 
Oh, snap! Good one, Sarah.
Although, if your baby daddy (like Levi Johnston) walked the Teen Choice red carpet with Kathy Griffin, told reporters he was going on DWTS and getting a reality TV show, posed semi-nude for “Playgirl,” and still owes you child support, you might feel the same way Bristol does about having sex. Just saying.
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