bristol palin dancing with the stars all stars Bristol Palin says politics won't get her far on 'Dancing With the Stars: All Stars'Bristol Palin wants to keep politics out of her latest run for the mirrorball trophy on “Dancing WIth the Stars: All-Stars.”

The 21-year-old single mom made headlines last week when her 3-year-old son, Tripp, appeared to use a gay slur on her reality show “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp,” she says she hopes her second time on “DWTS” will be a positive experience.

“There’s controversy all the time no matter what. People take things out
of context,” she tells Zap2it of her recent experiences. “This is the type of show, though, where politics, they’re
not an issue. They’re not going to get you the whole way on this show.
It’s just going to be fun. It’s all about a good, positive competition.”

She’s embracing her time in the spotlight. “God provides you with opportunities and you can either take ’em by the horns and achieve something with them, or you can
just sit back and just kind of let them go by you,” she explains. “And this is something
that I’m going to take by the horns and go out there with a smile on my
face, regardless of what any one’s saying about me, regardless of if
some crazy guy is shooting his TV because of it. All that stuff, it’s
like, whatever.”

Besides, she’s accustomed to the attention by now. “I think I’m pretty used to the criticism. I’m not complaining about it. Whatever. I’m tough and it just kind of rolls off my back, and I’ve got a
tough family and an awesome support system.”

That said, she did pause to think about what she’s gotten herself into once she signed on to the show. “At first it was like an automatic ‘All right, let’s go do it, this is going to be so much fun, I can’t wait.’ But then I was thinking about and it I’m like ‘Wait, there’s a lot of hard work in this, I don’t know if this is right.’ But it all just fell into place. I really do think it was, like, a God thing.”

Palin hasn’t danced since the “DWTS” Season 11 finale, so she’s got a lot of work cut out for her — especially since the competition is so much harder. “They all are previous champions and top 3 finalists. They’re all amazing, just talented, competitive people, so I’m really excited,” she says.
“It’s definitely more intimidating because you have all these people who did so well on their seasons.”

Although she’s hoping she still remembers some of the dances and can pick them back up, it’s not like she’s had time to practice. “People don’t realize — you don’t bust out the jive and you don’t do the quick step at some wedding or at the club or anything. You don’t do that! So it’ll be interesting to see what I do and don’t pick up on.”

“Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars” premieres Sept. 24 on ABC.

Posted by:Jean Bentley