bristol palin getty Bristol Palin's Arizona house up for rent; Adds 'landlord' to ever expanding resumeHow would you like to be a tenant of Bristol Palin, herself?

]]>“Dancing with the Stars” alum and daughter of Sarah Palin has put her recently purchased Arizona home up for rent. The residence can be yours for a mere $1,400 a month. According to the LA Times, Palin purchased the 3,900-square-foot house for $172,000 in cash back in December. Apparently, she’ll be making the move to La-La-Land with son Tripp to star in a new reality show with Kyle and Christopher Massey for the BIO Channel. “While on ‘Dancing,’ Bristol became extremely close with fellow contestant, actor Kyle Massey,” the BIO Channel said in an earlier statement. “Since the show, Bristol, Kyle and Kyle’s brother, actor Christopher Massey, have become best friends; so much so, that since Bristol and Tripp have to move to Los Angeles for her new job, she decides to move in with the Massey brothers who are also about to realize how much their lives are about to change.” How would you like to have Palin as a landlord?

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci