Even folks hanging backstage during the American Music Awards were aghast over Jimmy Kimmel’s hilariously disparaging Kevin Federline intro.

Kimmel called Britney’s soon-to-be ex “the first No Hit Wonder” and his new album "his first release  that hasn’t spawned a kid." Then he staged a mock magic trick, putting a KFed dummy into a wooden box and dumping it in the ocean at Port San Pedro.

As people were still groaning, he introduced surprise guest presenter Britney Spears –- wearing a bob and a beige dress but still chewing a little bit of gum —  as "the Bachelorette."

Word is that Britney’s camp was not thrilled by the scathing intro. And they claim not to have known about it. Yeah, right. Whatever. I’m sure Federline’s camp, if he still has one, was even less pleased and definitely didn’t know about it.

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton’s romance may be cooling. They were both at the show but Paris spent last weekend partying with Britney in Vegas. Hmmm. Do we sense a possible new player on "The Simple Life?"

More curious, Paris and Nicole were not seen hanging together backstage. Paris left early after presenting Jamie Foxx with his award. She sprinted backstage to hit the AMA celebrity freebie fest where she greeted Flavor Flav, promising to see him later on that night.

But Nicole –- in a sparkly vintage Dior — stayed to lovingly introduce her dad Lionel Richie‘s pathetic act. Some in the audience wondered if his interminable rendition of “All Night Long” might actually go on that long.

Photo Credits: "I swear to god I didn’t know he was gonna diss you like that, Kevin." Butterfat wouldn’t melt in Britney Spear’s mouth  as she presents an award  after Jimmy Kimmel’s scathing jokes about her just ditched hubbie, KFed.
Michael Caulfield/WireImage

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