Britneyspe_mazur_9988775_600Will someone please tell Britney Spears that she’s no Heidi Klum?

Britney – pregnant with her ‘Irish twin’ – turned up Sunday to support hubby Kevin Federline at the Teen Choice Awards.

But she forgot an essential maternity tool – a dependable bra – and wore a pink chiffon minidress that could barely contain her lactation devices. And the short frock revealed far too much enlarged thigh.

As all style-conscious pregnant women know, it’s a pair of still-shapely legs or an increased bustline, never reveal both at once.

Britney introduced her ersatz rapper, saying "This show has been very good to me and my career over the years. I’m hoping it will be as good to our next performer."

K-Fed proceeded to prance around the stage, dancing, grabbing his… bling, and singing "Lose Control" from his new album. After watching Fed’s not-so-fancy footwork, one has to wonder, "He was one of Britney’s backup dancers? How is that possible?" If you missed it, click here to see Kevin get down in flames.

According to USA Today, Fox network lost control and bleeped him many times for language that was not TV-PC. Even "American Idol" Paula Abdul, who praises anyone who can carry a tune in a bucket, wasn’t impressed with K-Fed’s vocal abilities. 

No sign of Brit and Kev’s infant son, Tater Tot.  Brit must have left him at home with a suitable sitter. Or maybe the little lad was waiting in his parent’s idling limo. Let’s just hope they cracked the window.

Britneyspe_m_su_9988489_600I hear the expectant mother stopped by the Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat during the show. What caught her eye? A big stuffed Hello Kitty and a My Scene Fab Faces doll wearing a pink satin gown, white fur and diamond necklace.

It’s unlikely those pink girly playthings are for little Tater Tot. So is it possible that Britney and Kevin’s next joint project might be a baby girl? Your thoughts?

Photo Credits: Britney Spears needs to put away the spaghetti straps for a while.
WireImage/Kevin Mazur

Photo Credits: Britney picks out a suspiciously estrogen-loaded toy at the Teen Choice Celebrity Retreat. Get ready for a little sister, Tater Tot.
WireImage/Mark Sullivan

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