britney spears miley cyrus twerk we cant stop gi Britney Spears asks Miley Cyrus for twerking lessons

Well, this could be a dangerous combination. Twerking is a bizarre dance Miley Cyrus made popular in a video she posted, while wearing a unicorn onesie. Not able to let it die, Miley has brought the dance back for her newest music video, “We Can’t Stop.”
She takes it a step further this time, dancing with gigantic teddy bears, including one strapped to her back. While the video makes little sense and looks like it was made during a weekend bender, it’s getting attention. One person who seems to be a fan of Britney Spears.  
The pop singer went on Twitter to pump up the video, and even hinted she would like to get twerking lessons from Miley. Please Britney, no. Cyrus says she’s willing to take her up on the offer, but would like to exchange twerking lesson for “teaching me da moves 2 ‘slave for you’.” Miley says she’s been trying to perfect the dance for 10 years.
Britney surely isn’t the only person taking notice of the video. In the two days since it’s been posting, the clip already has over 14 million views.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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