britney spears annette funicello gi fair use Britney Spears calls Annette Funicello's passing 'great'When the paparazzi caught up with Britney Spears on the day of Annette Funicello‘s passing to ask Spears her thoughts on the legendary Mousketeer, the pop star’s response was quite unexpected.

As Spears was making her way to her car, TMZ approached and asked, plainly, “Hey Britney. What do you think about the passing of Annette Funicello, fellow Mousketeer?”

Spears’ response? She smiles a huge smile and says, “I think that’s great!” Cue the record scratch. Come again, Brit?

Very quickly after TMZ reported the encounter, Spears took to Twitter to explain why she handled her response so clumsily. “Misheard a question I was asked earlier by press while I was out and about. I am DEVASTATED to hear about the passing of Annette Funicello…She was a role model for me during my days as a Mousketeer. #Heartbroken.”

The mind boggles over just what Spears thought she heard.

Funicello passed away on April 8 at the age of 70 after falling into a coma, a complication of multiple sclerosis.

Posted by:Billy Nilles