concert and had such a good time that you felt like jumping up onstage and dancing? Of course, you have.

Well, don’t do it. Britney’s security force does not like that one little bit.

Kyle King,

20, was arrested on Saturday night after he made allegedly jumping on stage with the pop star and dancing with her

back-up babes and boys, Connecticut authorities confirmed to Access Hollywood.

King was cited with a single breach of peace charge for the action which

occurred during her show at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn.


a video allegedly of the incident, you can see (watch closely) a young man walk calmly

out of the crowd and walk onto the stage during “Womanizer.” He danced

with her backup for a few moments, before being led off by a few

dancers, who apparently went, “Hey, who’s this freak?” and escorted him

offstage to security.

The guy didn’t look very threatening. And frankly, he wasn’t a half bad dancer. We’re not at all sure

this wasn’t an impromptu audition to be one of her new back up hoofers

What do you think?


was released on Sunday on a $250 cash bond. The

Orlando, Fla. resident must appear in court in Connecticut on June 18. And if

he doesn’t, an arrest warrant will be issued.

Bummer ending to a rocking night.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead