britney spears bangs before Britney Spears gets bangs: Do you like her new haircut?It’s not as drastic as Miley Cyrus’s new haircut, but Britney Spears has still made a pretty significant change.”The X Factor” judge popped into a Beverly Hills salon on Friday and came out with sleek new bangs along with some subtle blue dip-dyed highlights.

Well, as subtle as blue highlights can be, we suppose. Obviously, it’s not Britney’s first foray into the fringe world — when
she burst onto the scene with “Baby One More Time,” she had bangs, and
she’s rocked them several times since. The cut does make her hair
slightly more high-maintenance than it’s been in a while, but luckily
she’s usually being tended to by the “X Factor” team these days.

While she enjoyed a day at the salon, her family was in court, facing accusations from her former manager (or whatever he’s calling himself), Sam Lutfi. Spears has been excused from testifying and appearing at the trial, because her doctors say she’s not mentally fit to handle the stress.

What do you think of her new look? 

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie