Britney Spears was not on fire Wednesday night. In fact, she stopped performing because of smoke.

The pop star stopped partway through her performance at Vancouver’s GM Place on April 8 and left the stage abruptly, leaving her booing fans in the dark, reports the Vancouver Sun.

A voice then came over the loudspeaker to scold the concertgoers for smoking, claiming that the smoky conditions were what scared Britney away.

Check out the announcement made in the dark:

About half an hour later, Spears returned to perform a few more songs, stopped early and as she took her bows, she gave a hint that it was marijuana smoke in particular that she was the most offended by.

“Drive safe, don’t smoke weed and rock out with your c***s out!” she yelled. “Peace, motherf***ers!”

Listen to her good-byes in this clip:

Wow, it’s like you were there, right?

Doing a little damage control, the following statement was posted on Britney’s website following the show:

“We want to apologize to all the fans who attended our Vancouver show tonight for the brief pause in Britney’s set. Crew members above the stage became ill due to a ventilation issue.”

We bet Britney’s fans have some venting to do.

Would you be upset if you coughed up money for this sold-out Circus concert?


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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen