britney spears x factor fans getty Britney Spears has no trouble judging 'The X Factor' contestantsWhen Britney Spears was announced as a judge for this fall’s season of “The X Factor,” people had their doubts as to whether or not she’d be willing to criticize other artists. After she told one contestant that he could be the next Justin Bieber, rumors swirled that Simon Cowell was worried she was too nice for the gig.

Surprisingly, though, it seems that Spears is taking her job seriously — and she’s taking a tough love stance when it comes to the contestants who can use some constructive criticism. She even told an old friend who she featured on her first album that he doesn’t have what it takes. When one contestant criticized fellow judge Demi Lovato, Spears snapped, “Who let you on the stage?”

EW reports that she’s let plenty of other zingers fly, too — “I’m sorry, sweetie, but you have to be great to be on this show,” she told a singer. Another couldn’t keep the pop princess entertained. “I’m sorry, I was bored. I have to say no.”

Knowing that Brit Brit isn’t afraid to be harsh makes us much more excited to see how it all plays out this fall.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie