britney spears breaking bad Britney Spears hated the 'Breaking Bad' finale   How she wanted  it to end

Though the general consensus seems to be that the “Breaking Bad” finale got the story right, there’s at least one person who was very troubled by it. That person is Britney Spears, who is evidently a fan of the show. However, she was definitely not a fan of the end of Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) story. If you somehow haven’t seen the finale yet, stop reading now as she lets the spoilers fly.
During an interview with radio station Z100, Britney says, “I didn’t like it all, I didn’t think he (Walter) should have died.” Her solution? “Maybe they’ll do another episode where the ambulance comes and revives him or something.” Don’t hold your breath waiting for that, Britney.
It’s the second declaration of Britney’s love for “Breaking Bad,” after replying to a tweet from star Aaron Paul on Monday (October 7). Paul sent out a simple question, asking, “I wonder if @britneyspears ever wants to #DanceB****.” Britney had a fangirl moment when she saw the tweet, replying, “Omg I can’t believe you tweeted me. I love watching your show. Huge fan and yes, we can dance anytime!”
Listen to her interview with Z100 below:


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